Physical Education and Sports

At CBS we recognise the importance of physical education and the fact that participation in sports and games teaches children to cooperate with one another, think “on their feet” and develop leadership skills, as well facilitating physical fitness. Our pupils are able to participate in a range of physical activities including a variety of sports which are included as part of an integrated timetable.

Sports facilities include:

  • playing areas for:
    • football
    • basketball
    • handball
    • volleyball
    • croquet
    • In addition, we have:
      • a first-rate swimming pool
      • our own horses with riding track


Primary and Middle School children who require assistance to improve their English reading, writing and speaking skills have access to qualified help on campus during the school day.


Art is a subject which allows pupils to express creativity and is offered by a specialist at CBS. So many careers today involve creative thinking that this subject’s value is increasingly being recognised as a catalyst in developing the kind of thought processes required.

The Egyptian National Curriculum

CBS students are encouraged to take a pride in their national heritage and they study Arabic, Egyptian Social Studies and Religion in parallel with the British curriculum, writing the Ministry of Education national examinations.


At Cairo British School, pupils are afforded the opportunity to develop confidence and speaking skills through Drama which is facilitated by a specialist in conjunction with the English Literacy teaching staff. The children are able to share what they have learned with their families at a variety of special drama occasions.

The British Core Curriculum

CBS offers students a strong academic program and the opportunity to achieve personal growth. The British Curriculum offers children the chance to gain and expand the wealth of knowledge available to them, through various different media.

In the Primary School, students begin the first phase of an outstanding educational experience leading to a better and brighter future. In this phase we concentrate on establishing a firm foundation which can be built on as our students progress into middle and high school. Cambridge Checkpoint examinations are written at the end of Year 6 and these offer an internationally benchmarked indication of progress in English, Mathematics and Science.

In the Middle School, students go on with their journey towards higher learning and greater independence, gearing up to take their Checkpoint and pre-IG examinations in Years 8 and 9 respectively.

Year 10 sees our students progress to the High School phase where they write their IGCSE examinations. Those who wish to continue, go on to sit for A and AS levels. CBS is registered with the British Council, and students are able to sit their senior examinations through both Cambridge and Edexcel and the opportunities which CBS offers enable our diligent students to earn qualifications that can afford them entry into top international tertiary learning institutions.